Our support

  • On a case by case basis, supporting the challenger who has suffered serious injury whilst participating in or training for an event, or their families in the case of bereavement.  

  • Providing funding, treatment, counseling, advice and specialist equipment to aid the mental and physical healing process. 

  • Providing medical consultation, heart and other key health monitoring equipment and testing services for participants prior to an event to identify potential health issues and reduce the risk of serious incidents or fatalities occurring. 

  • Raising awareness of the risks and the potential consequences to the individual, their families and the public.

Our help

  • Assisting the event organiser and relevant sport governing bodies when tragedy occurs.

  • Supporting and encouraging the use of new technologies and processes to assist in preventing incidents.

  • Contributing to research and the development of national and global statistics on incidents to highlight the extent, the causes and the underlying trends of fatalities.

  • Creating awareness of the risks when taking part in challenge events. 

  • Preventing and detecting problems to reduce the risk of incidents. 

Go to our GoFundMe page to help us get across the start line. 

Gofundme.com/Accolaid SupportingChallengers

Our recognition

  • Recognising that the health and physical benefits provided by participating in challenge events far outweigh the potential risks.

  • Creating legacy, recognition and a lasting tribute by honouring and bestowing accolade on the bereaved, including those unsung heroes who passed away whilst themselves raising money for noble and worthy causes. 



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